Tango Argentino

The name "Stirpe Tanghera" was chosen for its meaning of family and sharing the love and respect for this Argentinian dance.

Why just in Italy? It's easy! You normally link Tango dance to Argentina and its local traditions, forgetting that many of the best orchestra conductors are from Italy, like Anibal Troilo, Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese and so on.It's due to the big Italian emigration towards Argentina in the early 1900s that explains the strong link between Italy and the world of Tango across the ocean.

The association does not have the exclusive objective of spreading tango, but aims at creating a physical and figurative place to meet the other - a place in movement as the dance is - in which feeling becomes of fundamental importance

This is an extended family, in which the search for the common origin, the exchange, the study of what still remains an artistic discipline under the guidance of two masters of international caliber, the sharing of activities of the terms which will be discussed below, the all colored by the folklore typical of popular tradition, they become a value.

Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva are a couple of professional dancers and Argentine tango teachers who have chosen Tuscany, especially the area of ​​Valdarno, to found their Argentine Tango Academy.

They are two dancers with an enviable artistic curriculum who in 2019, after numerous experiences in Italy and abroad and within dance companies, schools and festivals, decided to found their own association: The tango Accademy "Stirpe Tanghera".